Hello, my foodie fellows! Your ever-reliable food navigator, Sophie here, ready to guide you in the madly-magnificent world of the humble tomato.

Did you know that there are around 10,000 varieties of tomato globally? That’s more options than my shoe closet (and trust me, it gives Imelda Marcos a run for her money!).

But today we aren’t here to discuss my shoe obsession or comprehensive list of tomato species. Instead, we’re on a journey to find which tomatoes are as perfect as your grandma’s pearl necklace for the oh-so-delicious, warm, and comforting tomato soup.

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In all my bubbling adventures in the kitchen, I’ve found that Roma tomatoes, also known as Italian or plum tomatoes, are the stars of tomato soup. Their low water content, fewer seeds (more soup, less seeds – now that’s a good math problem), and rich flavor can make your tomato soup as passionately loved as a new episode of ‘Friends’ in the ’90s.

More importantly, they help you craft a soup with an authentic, round, tomatoey taste – the kind that makes your heart sing “soup-er!”

But hey, let’s not dismiss others too quickly. Beefsteak tomatoes, though known for their meaty structure and heavenly presence in burgers, could possibly play a good supporting role in your soup.

While their water content could turn your soup into a splashy puddle party quicker than you can say “Tomato!”, a gentle simmer leads to a surprisingly full-bodied flavor. However, the lord of tomato soup remains the Roma – it’s like straight comparing George Clooney and an average Joe if we’re putting it into perspective.

Yet, one can’t deny the indomitable charm of heirloom tomatoes. You know, those tomatoes that are vibrantly colored and weirdly shaped, probably reflecting a Picasso painting. These aristocratic gems bring a complex, tangy, sweet flavor profile that’ll have your tastebuds prancing around like it’s Mardi Gras. Quite frankly, they are the Marilyn Monroe of tomatoes.

But before we go deeper, let me take you on a foodie flashback. When I was a kid, going tomato picking with my Granny was like a treasure hunt. One time, I asked innocently, “Gran, why don’t we just use these supermarket tomatoes?

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They look so red and perfect.” And with a smile that was sweeter than the apple pie she used to bake, Granny said, “My dear, good cooking is like love. It’s genuine. It’s from the heart. These tomatoes are as real as it gets.”

That undying love and passion for food is the reason why I advocate using organic, ripe tomatoes for your soup.

Which tomatoes are best for tomato soup?

Sweet, juicy and sun-clad, ripe tomatoes are a positivity bomb in taste and flavor, exploding into a unique balance of natural sweetness and acidity. It’s like comparing home-cooked meals and fast food – naturally, the former brims with love and authenticity.

But as a notorious late-night snack hunter, I know the power of canned tomatoes. Whip them out, toss them into a pan, and Voila! Comfort at 11 p.m. For those who’re nightmare flavor-chasers like me, San Marzano-style whole, peeled canned tomatoes are the best bet.

But remember, Tomato Soup made with canned tomatoes is like weekend loungewear–preferable for comfort, but not a showstopper for formal gatherings!

This culinary tale’s moral? Roma tomatoes are your go-to when tomato soup is on the menu, but feel free to explore with others depending on your taste and circumstance. Remember, in Sophie’s kitchen, there’s only one mistake you can make- not having fun!

So, deck your apron and unleash your inner domestic god or goddess. Let’s enjoy this ride in the mystical world of tomatoes. Because life, my friends, is too short for mediocre tomato soup.

Until next time, stay foodie my friends! Sophie, signing off.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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